What is this social bubble?

This is something that is being used a lot now to be as careful as possible with Covid-19 and to make everyday life as normal as possible. So we thought we'd give you some tips on how to make our own social bubble or pandemic bubble.

Significant! - Due to the travel restrictions imposed these days, it is not advisable to try this method these days. But if these restrictions are relaxed in the future, then you can try to maintain a social bubble like this without having to deal with society as carelessly as before.

1. What is this social bubble?

Usually a bubble is a group of people who are close to something like this. This is what a bubble is for. This group of people has no contact with others. Only among them. That's why if one of the people in the bubble does not develop a corona, everyone in the bubble is safe. Only those who are in this bubble can pay close attention to each other in their normal lives because they can stay close to those people.

In fact, advancing social distance with Covid-19 is no easy task. Because man is usually a sociable animal. But the Kovid-19 epidemic cannot be ignored. That's why this social bubble or pandemic bubble helps you to keep your life as normal as possible with your loved ones while counting Kovid-19.

2. Who joins the team?

When creating these social bubbles or pandemic bubbles, the primary thing we need to think about is who we want to associate with. So we have to choose people who are similar to us, who are close to us, who we like to associate with, or who are useful. Sometimes we have to take someone we don't like on the social bubble because of someone else's liking of the bubble. So those are personal level decisions.

Other than that, one has to think about whether the people who take this social bubble or the pandemic bubble are trustworthy. That means no matter how much fun it is at a party, we take someone who does not listen to what is said and does not follow the rules of the social bubble. That is why it is especially important to think about getting people you can trust into this social bubble.

3. Little bubble

A bubble does not mean a group of about fifty people. Especially a social bubble or a pandemic bubble created under this Kovid-19 condition should be kept as small as possible. Here you have to think about the maximum number of people who can actually walk according to the health rules of their country or region. However, those who deal with it say that it is risky to get more than a maximum of ten people for a social bubble like this.

4. Corinthians before that

Doctors usually say that it takes about 14 days for a person infected with the SARS-COV-2 virus to develop symptoms. That's why the people who make this social bubble must be quarantined for two weeks. Two weeks like that should be extremely careful and quarantine to see what the situation is like. It can maintain a minimum of Kovid-19 risk within this social bubble.

But remember, even if one person on the Social Bubble is not a Corinthian and everyone else is a Corinthian, it will not work!

5. Light is better than inside

Now let's say you somehow managed to create a social bubble. So how do you party? What do you do for fun? They can decide for themselves. But experts say that no matter what you do, it's a good idea to choose an outdoor environment, not an indoor environment, to join the social bubble. If you want to set up inside a house, you have to open the windows and doors and set up.

Also, the fact that this social bubble was created does not mean that his house will be set up in seven houses for seven days like his house tomorrow, right? They should limit the number of places they can meet. That means it doesn't matter if it's set in one place.

6. No connection between bubbles

Here is something to keep in mind. Two things really. One is the introduction of friends to the social bubble. It is forbidden. That is to say, working irresponsibly after creating the social bubble and trying to get someone else to join the social bubble by saying “oh my best bay” is a risk to the whole social bubble.

And the second thing is not to let that social bubble overlap. That means my best fit in that social bubble can't be allowed to come to a party on this social bubble. Some people think that it is not a problem because he was in that social bubble there and it was quarantined for fourteen days. No, but there is a problem. Social bubble overlap increases the risk of both other social bubbles.

7. Do we have fun without a mask?

They don't work. We make a social bubble by following the safety measures mentioned above, because it is better than being stuck at home. That is not the risk zero. That's why experts say to create a social bubble and follow those general health recommendations, even if we deal with each other within it. That means regular disinfection of hands with masks, sanitizers or soap, and social remodeling.