A series of tips to cure a number of skin diseases.

According to Western medicine, psoriasis is an incurable disease. Scientists cite skin death as the cause. It is a fact that we have known since childhood that we need to give our body daily nutrients in order to keep our body healthy. But now that we seem to have forgotten this fact, we know that all we are doing is putting something in our stomachs when we are hungry. The sheer number of restaurants on both sides of the road is a great criterion to see how far this situation has engulfed society. It is unthinkable that a roadside food stall will ever provide you with nutritious food. Moreover, no matter the quality, it takes a very short time for the consumer to become ill due to the flavorings used to taste the food as a means of getting his customer back to him.

Our grandparents used to cook for us in the kitchen. The spice grown in our own country was the flavor of the garden dishes in the clay pot of the wood stove. Did you know that cloves are the number one antioxidant in the world? The second is cinnamon, while other spices are high in antioxidants. This prevented the tissues of our body from oxidizing. Today we instead get foods flavored with standard flavorings that are carcinogenic, such as monosodium glutamate, which can oxidize tissues. (I hope to make you aware of the antioxidants and their importance in a separate article.) 90 Nutrients Needed to Keep Our Body Properly Healthy. They can be summarized as follows.
Minerals - 60
Vitamin - 16
Amino Acid - 12

1. Acne

Acne can have serious psychological consequences, especially for adolescents. We know that when a boy or a girl reaches adolescence, it becomes the adolescent hormone. Hormonal changes also occur when a mother conceives a child. Blood glucose levels usually rise during this time. Also, blood glucose levels rise slightly during adolescence. Although this condition is not diabetic, it can cause the growth of bad bacteria in our body due to high blood sugar. The sebaceous glands, which supply oil to the hairs under the skin, are prone to bacterial infections. This is why acne does not heal, no matter how much we clean the outside of the skin. All we need to do is add in nutrients that can help control the body's glucose levels over time. If there is a certain level of glucose in the blood, the bad bacteria cannot cause the above mentioned infections. For this reason, acne will heal once the blood glucose level drops. This condition varies from person to person and acne is a common condition.

Also, bacteria cannot live in an alkaline medium. Therefore, we need to keep our blood pH around 7.5. To do this, you need to increase the amount of chlorophyll in your diet. Calcium and magnesium should be given to the body in the right amount daily.

How acne develops

As you can see from the video above, blackheads are caused by a bacterial infection similar to acne. Bacteria grow all over the body. Most of these bacteria are friendly to the human body and another friendly. We must prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. But if a person's blood glucose level rises for some reason, the growth of harmful bacteria in a glucose-rich medium will increase rapidly. Blackheads are caused by these bacteria growing in the oily glands that supply oil to the hairs under the skin. What we usually do after an illness is to give it the external treatment it needs. But with holistic medicine such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Hela Wedakamala, Chinese ancient medicine, the root cause of the disease is eliminated. According to these medical procedures, the treatment required for blackheads is the body's immune system, which provides the external support needed to keep the body naturally healthy by monitoring the body's glucose level at the onset of the disease and providing the necessary nutritional status. This will alleviate your condition.

Patients with epilepsy live in a very miserable condition. For some, even life is a burden. This is due to the very ugly appearance on the outside. This condition is exacerbated by the fact that according to Western medicine, the disease is classified as incurable. Although Western medicine cannot cure it, holistic medicine, such as Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathic medicine, and Chinese ancient medicine, have a cure for it. But unfortunately there is very little public interest in this medicine. If there is anyone who has been cured of this unfortunate disease, please write down the relevant medical procedure and the relevant doctor at the bottom of this article. It will be a great comfort to those who read this article.

The general opinion is that psoriasis is a skin death and the cause of its occurrence has not yet been determined. Why does a plant die? When the plant does not have enough water and air to survive, it dies. When it is invaded by a fungal bacterial or viral infestation, the plant uses all its means, but if defeated, the plant dies. This is the reason why Samada dies.

There are two similar causes for epilepsy. The first is that the body does not get the 90 nutrients we mentioned above. The other factor is that skin cells become susceptible to a so-called free radical attack, which is similar to a microbial attack, such as bacteria, at a level that a plant cannot tolerate. Now we need to find a way to resolve these two issues.

There are two ways to deliver the above mentioned nutrients to our body. The first of these is food. The second is that food supplements take a long time for the infection to occur and the relevant nutrients must be given to the body over a period of time. Otherwise more nutrients should be given to the body at one time. Accordingly, some immediate results can be expected. The person in the photo above is the best example of this.

The second treatment is to stop the use of the free passages we mentioned above. All we have to do is give our body oxidants to stop the activation of free radicals. Below is a list of foods that contain antioxidants. The orac point is the standard for oxidants. It takes 20,000 to 100,000 orac points a day to neutralize free radicals in the human body. The 100 grams of cloves we eat every day has an orac point of 340,000. Cinnamon has an orac point of about 280.00. Thus, if we can consume about 10 grams of cinnamon powder with honey a day, our body will get the required amount of antioxidants. Above all, our body produces the most potent antioxidant called glutathione. In order to produce glutathione, we need to provide our body with a number of specific nutrients along with food. The nutrients are as follows.
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Vitamins B12 - B6
Folic Acid

If you have the above mentioned nutrients in your diet then your body will constantly produce glutathione. Glutathione rapidly neutralizes free radicals in the human brain. Otherwise the internal blood flow to the brain will occur and the number of deaths due to stroke will be very high.

The city's police are the city's police, and the city's firefighters are the city's firefighters. The biggest damage to our body is caused by free radicals. Free radicals attack any tissue in the body. They do this because free fractions are formed when an electron escapes from an equilibrium atom or molecule. In order to regain the lost electron, the relevant fragment saves an electron from another place. Now, as it is now, it is being used as an antidote. This causes the entire system to become inactive as it receives electrons from the stable molecules near it. The same thing happens with the skin. Pyrolysis oxidants have extra electrons. As soon as it sees a free fraction, it neutralizes the free fraction by giving it extra electrons. Thus, after a relatively long period of exfoliation, the skin that was suffering from free radicals recovers. Chlorella Sorokiniana algae have all the nutrients we need to produce our own glutathione, an oxidant. Therefore, Chlorella Sorokiniana algae are very helpful in preventing the nutrients needed to heal the bark and the risk of oxidation.

This is the uniqueness of Holistic Medicine. Instead of giving medicine externally, the basic technique of this medicine is to use the systems that are naturally located in our body to give them the nutrition and energy they need and to help the body to cure diseases. If you also suffer from bark disease, get rid of Chlorella Sorokiniana algae togethe

Arthritis (arthritis of the skin graves)

Arthritis is a painful condition that occurs in the joints. Over time, the fingers and joints begin to sag. This condition affects about 10% to 30% of psoriasis patients. Psoriasis is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. What is the relationship between skin and bone? There is a connection between skin and cartilage, not between skin and bone. Cartilage is also formed in the structure of the skin. In other words, cartilage and skin are two tissues of the same origin. Just like water becomes ice because the temperature drops. But both places have the same structure. Due to this, the free radicals in the body also affect the cartilage. Pain is caused by the inability of cartilage to repair tissues that are weakened due to malnutrition, as well as nerve compression and bone contact. As a result, the body, which is nourished by the Chlorella Sorokiniana algae, remodels its cartilage. This will allow you to get rid of arthritis very quickly.

White grave disease. (VITILIGO)

White-tailed deer is another skin disease that is thought to be caused by rat bites, which are considered incurable. It is said that this is due to a mutation in the genes, but the main cause of this disease is another deficiency of minerals and amino acids in the body and, as we mentioned above, a breakdown of free radicals.

Skin color depends on the melanin pigment. There is a type of cell under the skin that produces these pigments. In order to produce these pigments we need to provide two nutrients externally. They are copper (Cu) and the essential amino acid tyrosine (TYROSINE). If the food we eat does not contain these components, the cells that produce melanin will not be able to produce the corresponding pigment. This website contains the foods that need to be consumed to get the relevant nutrients.

As we mentioned above, melanin-producing cells may be involved in the breakdown of free radicals. What happens then is that the production of the relevant pigment stops. All we need to do to prevent this is to give our body enough of the antioxidants it needs.

In this sense, white grave disease also appears to be a skin condition caused by malnutrition. It is also possible to get rid of this disease by providing the necessary nutrition. Chlorella Sorokiniana can be pointed out as a solution to this.

The cause of liver spots is not a genetic mutation but an oxidation of the fat layer under the skin.

Liver Spots

We have often seen the appearance of brown spots on the skin surface called liver spots. These scars get their name not because they have something to do with the liver but because they have the same color as the liver. This condition is not very common in people with normal oily or pale skin, but it is most noticeable in people with fair skin. These scars, which initially appear as dots on the skin, show a gradual growth. No amount of topical application will heal. This is not just a condition caused by hair follicles. If so, let's find out what caused this situation.

The skin consists of three parts, the epidermis on the outside, the middle skin on the outside, and the epidermis on the bottom. Among these layers is a layer of fat in the skin and the epidermis. The fat deposits in the fat layer turn brown due to oxidation. This condition appears on the outside as a lever spot. We now know the rituals required to avoid this situation. All we need to do is give our body more antioxidants. To do this, carefully observe the diagram of the oxidative stress and give the body the required amount of o¾c orac points per day through the food available to him and the liver spot will disappear little by little.

Gray skin is one of the most common skin diseases in our society. This condition is caused by yeast in our body. Anyone with a certain percentage of yeast in their body and a strong immune system with yeast has very little yeast in their body. But the amount of yeast in the body of a person with low immunity gradually increases. Also, in an environment with high glucose concentrations, this yeast grows even better. In this way, the level of yeast in the body can rise very rapidly under conditions of weakened immune system and high blood glucose concentration.

Considering these facts, it seems that there are two remedies that can be done to get rid of this disease. The first is to increase the body's immune system and the second is to control blood sugar. This technique can be used to remove blemishes on the skin.

Below is a world map of skin cancer patients. The red color shows more and the yellow color shows less.

Management Skin cancer.

Cancers of the skin are called skin cancers. This type of cancer is caused by harmful rays to the human body, such as the infrared rays of the sun. These rays change the composition of living cells in the skin. As a result, the skin, which has gradually produced new cells, begins to produce mutated cells in an abnormal way. This condition is called skin cancer. Above we have a map of the countries classified according to the number of patients with skin cancer. Indicated in red are the countries with the highest number of skin cancer patients. Yellow is found in countries where the incidence of skin cancer is low. Countries near the equator where the sun's rays grow the most seem to have fewer skin cancer patients. But skin cancers seem to be more prevalent in far-flung countries.

I think it is appropriate to look into the cause of the above situation. There is one reason why human rays are prevented from reaching the human skin. It is the ozone layer at the top of the atmosphere. The air layer itself acts as a filter for harmful rays. But due to the influence of modern science and new technology, the ozone layer has begun to permeate due to the toxic gases released into the environment. If there are large holes in the sieve, we will buy a new sieve. But this filter has no options. The existing filter must be protected. This can be done by reducing the toxins released into the environment and growing more trees.

But there is already evidence that this layer is perforated. Countries such as Australia and New Zealand, which are shown in red, seem to have fallen victim to this situation. People who go to these countries as very healthy people come back as sick. When he returned, he had already spent what he had earned. Eventually those who work in these countries end up in great distress.

Human skin has a very good adaptation to get rid of the harmful rays of the sun. It is also known as melanin. Melanin causes skin tone and prevents the passage of bad rays. These pigments are produced in melanin cells. The amino acids copper and tyrosine are required to produce melanin. Both of these nutrients need to be given to the body along with our food. If these nutrients are not available, the production of melanin will stop. Due to this, the body is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. This can lead to skin cancer.

If you live in the red country on the map above, you should definitely include the amino acids copper and tyrosine in your diet. If not, you are more likely to develop skin cancer. People in other countries should also be concerned about this.

Chlorella Sorokiniana has both of these nutrients. Therefore, we responsibly say that anyone who eats Chlorella Sorokiniana does not have this risk.

BAD FOODS Foods unfit for consumption.

It has been found that the following foods destroy the nutrients that we get from other foods. Therefore, a person who is expecting a healthy life should abstain from these foods. It is very important to avoid these foods especially to cure skin disease. In addition, if you are struggling to cure a skin condition, you should reduce your intake of sweets as much as possible until the disease is cured. This is because the pathogen is fed from sugar.
Wheat - wheat
Barley - Barley
Rye - Rye
Oats – oatmeal – even if it says that it is Gluten Free
Fried Food - Fried food
Oils - cooking or salad - Yes this includes olive oil and coconut oil - oils (oil helps to oxidize tissues).
Well done red meat (rare or medium-rare is okæ) Barbecued meat
Deli Meat $ processed meats ”any nitrates added to meat - tell your butcher NO NITRATES - processed meats (like sausage meatballs)
Soda $ carbonated beverages near or with mealtime - organic drinks
Skin of a baked potato (or yam & or sweet potato), If you boil a potato ”you can eat the skins - Baked potato or sweet potato peel”

For diseases such as acne, blackheads, whiteheads, liver spots, skin cancers, acne, blackheads, white spots, etc.
Fatty Acids - 2

2/3 of the above nutrients are mineral or mineral salts. These should be given to the body along with the food. These are part of the food we eat. Another part mixes with water and enters our body. In addition, there is a portion of the white ash from burning wood. When cooking on a wood stove, the ashes of the stove were added to the coconut shell as well as when the reeds were blown out of the wood. All of this entered our body. Also the minerals in the clay pot and the minerals in the clay pot were added to our body. The chili stone did not go into the water. But our body language Kurahan stone passed with Kurahan. The water in the well was a little bitter because of the mineral. But now if we don't have chlorine we think that water is dirty. Instead of the coconut shell spoon, the aluminum spoon is now starting to pay off. The gas stove and microwave oven prepare the dishes. If you're worried about what we've lost, I hope you feel free to get out of this death trap now.

There is one city in the world today that can understand this situation very clearly. Kingdom of Ecuador Wilkabamba Or the city. The city is home to people between the ages of 110 and 140. This is due to their simple and successful lifestyles and the fact that the Pagnaradhana river where they get their water is muddy all year round. They put this water in their crops. As a result, their soil is constantly nourished with minerals, making them another unique crop. They cook with wood stoves. It is customary for them to take some of the ashes in the middle of the stove and add them to the meal after cooking. Because of this they are not deficient in minerals. Scientific research has shown that this habit is a great help to their long and healthy lives. Also, they never eat foods that interfere with the absorption of nutrients. A list of relevant foods is at the end of this article.

The largest organ in our body is the skin. It needs all the nutrients mentioned above to nourish it. If we do not get these nutrients in our diet on a daily basis, we will face a large number of diseases caused by malnutrition. Skin diseases play a major role in this. Let us consider each of these diseases separately.

Acne mainly affects people in the form of high blood glucose.