Do You Suffer From Gastritis?

Gastroenteritis is one of the major health problems in our society today. Due to a number of myths, this health problem is leading our lives to many more diseases. If we know that the medication we take for one condition is the cause of many other diseases, we will decide that it is better to tolerate the existing disease. Through this article we will make some effort to teach you the true nature of gastroenteritis and you will be able to find more facts using the internet. We are only trying to open a door for you.

As soon as gastroenteritis is mentioned, we are reminded that gas has developed in our stomach. Because of this, gas pills are now widely used in some homes. They know that there is pain in the abdomen after eating and that the pain disappears after swallowing the pills. Therefore, no matter what happens inside the stomach, swallow one or two pills like this with the intention of relieving the pain. We will cover the damage caused by the relevant pills before the end of this article. The disease must be identified first.

This disease is caused by our stomach and according to the Ayurvedic medical system this condition is called acid reflux inflammation. You will see that this definition does not compare with gas. Let us consider the relationship between acids and bile. Acids are liquids with a pH less than 7. These are what we call acid in English. Bile is an alkaline solution. Base is a liquid with a pH greater than 7. When two such liquids are combined, the concentration in the mixture decreases. This condition also occurs in our stomach. In the stomach, proteins are digested and other nutrients are digested and converted to a liquid level. Our stomach is so acidic that it can completely dissolve a piece of meat we eat. If you take some of the juice from the stomach and put it on your palm, it will burn up to the bones in the hand. But the thick mucous membrane of the stomach wall cannot be dissolved by these acids. This is why we are able to digest our food properly. Otherwise you will have to suffer a lot of pain every time you eat. These stomach walls are also made of protein because they too begin to be digested. I was referring to the concentration of the juice in the stomach. The pH of the gastric juice is between 1.5 and 2. The bile produced by our liver is alkaline. The pH of the concentration here is more than 7. It is usually around 9. Foods that are ready for absorption down the stomach are acidic, so the addition of bile brings the food to a basal state. Due to this, the food that travels in the digestive tract after the stomach has an alkaline nature. Otherwise, when the pH is above 7, the acidity of the stomach decreases when we do not eat. In this case, the bile in the small intestine may enter the stomach. Sometimes this bile also has the ability to come out through our mouth.

However, it is now clear to you that the acidity in the stomach has decreased due to acid reflux inflammation. But according to Western medicine, gastroenteritis is an increase in the acidity of the stomach. You should now understand that there is a contradiction here.
Here is a brief introduction to the acidity of the stomach. We will now learn some about how this acidity occurs and the relevant hormonal acids and enzymes.

From the moment our nose smells of food, our digestive system begins to swell. The glands in the mouth release the enzyme. The mouth begins to salivate. This condition is exacerbated when food is seen. When food is ingested, our stomachs are ready for the next step. One of the main causes of the disease underlying our article is a hormone for this process. When we eat food, the cells in our stomach that produce gastrin are stimulated. It enters the stomach shortly after we bite. The food that accumulates in this way causes the stomach wall to begin to shrink. At this point, the gastrin cell in the stomach wall releases a hormone called gastrin into the stomach cavity. This hormone stimulates another type of cell in the stomach wall. These cells are called Chief cells and Pryor cells, which release hydrochloric acid (HCL) and the enzyme pepsinogen from these cells, making this HCL a highly concentrated acid. At the same time it secretes an inactive enzyme called pepsinogen. This inert enzyme combines with hydrochloric acid to form the highly active pepsin. Pepsin digests the proteins we eat. The diagram below illustrates this process.

What happens if our body somehow fails to produce the pepsinogen or HCL we mentioned above? Cells are required to release gastrin until the relevant hormone and acid are produced. This is because the acid and enzymes needed to digest the food that is currently in the stomach are needed. But what happens is a disaster. Most of the gastric juices in the stomach become gastrointestinal. These gastrointestinal tract can open the valve between our stomach and esophagus. As a result, the gastric juice in the stomach begins to rise. What is happening now is an unimaginable catastrophe. Although the stomach wall is designed to withstand the acidity of the stomach, it is not formed in the esophagus. The ascending gastric juices rise up causing great pain in the esophagus. Feels like his chest is getting stuck. Some people start to think that this is a heart disease. This gastric juice, which has the ability to digest protein to some extent even though the concentration is low, injures the larynx. That is not surprising. We know the pain that occurs when there is an injury to an external organ of our body. But when you have an internal injury, you feel a different kind of pain. It's like a pain in the ass. This gastric juice leads to similar pain in the esophagus.

Athough onions contain chloride, they must contain calcium in order to get pepsinogen and HCL from the head cells. This way if your body suffers from any kind of malnutrition a number of diseases will engulf you.

You may have been advised to stop eating salt. If it's because of high blood pressure, read the article on high blood pressure on our website. High blood pressure is a consequence of another malnutrition. You can get rid of this condition by giving the relevant nutrients to the body.

I would also like to say something about the medications you are currently taking for gastroenteritis. Currently, according to Western medicine, the cause of this disease is the high acidity of the stomach. Therefore, proton pump inhibitors are used to treat gastroenteritis. This is done by closing the acid release holes in our stomach wall. Now there are no acids to hurt or hurt your esophagus. Now your pain is gone but for this reason your digestion is poor. How does your body absorb nutrients now? Many other diseases are caused by this. Even if they have to take more medicine, it is just another common ailment for you. Ending life with a number of ailments is now a common practice and do not go after temporary relief. Go to a permanent solution and win your life together. If you have any medical conditions,  Awareness makes you a healthy mind. Now treat your physical ailments with a healthy mind. Did you know that 80 percent of your illnesses are mental? Being aware is sure to keep you healthy.

In the meantime I thought I would take your attention to another important point. It’s about the soup we give to trick a little kid’s digestive system. After giving the soup to the mouth, the child may fall asleep. But you may not know that every time the soup irritates, the stomach is expecting food. These signals cause the cells in the stomach wall to become inflamed. You may not know that this is how your child's gastroenteritis starts. Keep in mind that every time you act against nature, you have to pay for it. Here it is not you but your child who pays for it. Wise parents need to understand that this can lead to increased stomach cramps in babies right now.

Your chewing gum is similar to this, every time you chew gum your stomach gets cheated. After about thirty minutes of chewing gum, you will notice that there is some pain in your abdomen. You can avoid a number of illnesses if you realize that you are paying with your life for the mistake of unintentionally consuming all the products that marketers constantly put on the market with the sole hope of making a profit.