Home remedies for eye pain

The eyes are one of the most delicate external organs of our body. Anything affects them very soon. Many times people start feeling pain in the eyes due to different reasons. Some people feel a burning sensation along with the pain.

There can be many possible reasons, including excessive stress on the eye, allergies or some diseases that affect the eye. During this time, you may face problems such as sensitivity to light, redness in the eyes, watery eyes, headaches. To keep your eyes safe from all these harmful symptoms, you

* Wear safety glasses whenever in contact with any industrial equipment. This is a very important way to prevent loss of eyes.
* If you wear a contact lens, make sure that you wear them after cleaning them properly.
* Clean them by spraying water on your eyes from time to time. Don't rub your eyes often and get enough sleep.

In spite of all this, if your pain persists, then you can get relief from the pain in your eyes by adopting the following home remedies primarily.

1.Apart from being used with cucumber and used in salads, cucumber provides cooling effect. 

During this treatment you have to use cucumber externally only. Cut a slice of cucumber in a fridge and apply it on the eyes. Keep it for some time and this will give a lot of relief to your eyes. It is also very easy to use.

2. Potato juice is also helpful.

Potato slices are also good for the eyes. These freshly sliced ​​slices can be used on the eyes. Alternatively, potato juice can also be applied to the eyes. With all these home remedies, you will get immediate relief from eye problems like irritation, pain etc.

3. Remove eye pain with honey

Sweet in taste and extremely beneficial for health, honey is an antibacterial agent and a natural cleanser. Add a drop of honey to the affected eye. This may cause slight irritation initially, but will eventually help in cleaning the eye. You can use it in this way to relieve eye pain. But be careful while using it.

4. Tea bags can be

used by tea bags not only for drinking tea which helps in getting fresh but also for treating eye irritation. Tea bags used in tea should be stored in the fridge before use on the eyes. Keep these bags on your eyes and they will give you relief.

5. Rose water is also helpful

You must have used rose water for various beauty administrations. Obviously it is very popular for this but we want to tell you about its other benefits here. Wash your eyes with rose water or add a drop of rose water to the eye. This will give you immediate relief from pain. In fact, it is advisable to put 1-2 drops of rose water in the eye daily before sleeping. This has a soothing effect on the eyes. So you can use it to relieve your eye pain.

You can use all these methods for first aid, but it is best that you consult a doctor before using it. So that any kind of side effects can be avoided.