Myth of Cholesterol

I thought it would be nice to do a bit more in-depth analysis of a post I made earlier about cholesterol. First I will republish the relevant article. Ask each other the questions in this article. Together we will explore in detail. The answers I gave to this question will be published one by one in this post. It will not flow because of the pieces attached. But somehow read and understand. Can live without heart disease.

What is the difference between LDL and HDL cholesterol?

Did you know that we take blood from a vein to test for cholesterol? But have you ever heard of cholesterol deposits in the veins? Why cholesterol is stored only in the arteries.
As far as I know, the main difference between venous blood and arterial blood is the transport of oxygen in the arteries and the transport of carbon dioxide in the veins. We threw a piece of iron in the yard and a few days later it looked like it was dead. That is oxidized. Or oxygen combined with iron to form ferrous oxide. This process takes place in any environment with oxygen. The first layer of cells in the artery wall is called the endothelium. This cell layer and the cells inside it are all interconnected by electrons. The oxygen molecules in the blood that break down in the arteries break free from the interconnections between the cells in the artery wall, forming oxides with the electrons. This causes damage to the cell wall at the site. To alleviate this condition, the liver produces LDL, the bad cholesterol. Relevant cholesterol is deposited at the site of the damage. As this deposition continues, a plaque is created at the relevant location. This can lead to heart disease.

Thus, the real cause of this condition is endothelial oxidation inside the artery wall. How to avoid this situation is very important. If the cause is oxidation, all we need to do is add something to the blood that can stop the oxidation. Such nutrients are present in the food we eat. It is called an antioxidant. If we add antioxidants to our diet on a daily basis, the relevant antioxidants will not need to steal the electrons between the cells. Adding antioxidants to the diet eliminates the risk. As a result, the liver produces HDL cholesterol, or good cholesterol, and releases it into the circulatory system. This HDL arrives at the site and removes the previously applied plaster. That carries LDL cholesterol back to the liver. So what we need to do is not destroy LDL but eat foods that contain antioxidants that can produce HDL. Thus you can get rid of statin drugs. Can also get rid of Alzheimer's.

In addition, the endothelium produces nitric oxide, which can be used to treat a blood clot in any part of the body. This nitric oxide does the job in less than three seconds. It will also eliminate the cause of the increasing number of heart diseases and strokes. However, due to the increase in the amount of free radicals in our blood due to our daily diet and the reduction in the consumption of antioxidant foods, the endothelium is being destroyed more and more. Therefore, the relevant natural protection has been lost. Eventually he had to live with the bypass for the rest of his life as a patient.
The unit for measuring antioxidants is called ORAC (ORAC - Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity). These four letters can be typed on the Internet to find a large number of foods with antioxidants. Cinnamon, drumstick leaves and cloves are at the top. It is estimated that our body needs 20,000 ORAC units per day. This amount can be obtained by adding one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of drumstick leaf powder to the daily diet. Find out about this.

I know most people will not agree with this idea. But with good credit, you might find exactly what you need. And he never needs a bypass. The holistic method is to find the source of the disease and treat it. Symptom control is an allopathic method. This should be written in great detail, but I have written it very briefly here.

My answers to this,
This is the pattern that occurs when a river is about to fall into the sea. Do you see the sand deposited on the river bank? The sand is deposited on the inside of the bend. This is how cholesterol is stored in the arteries.

This is how the sand piles up when a river flows down. River sand accumulates on the side of the inner bend. This is how cholesterol is stored in our arteries. What is the connection between the two? The free radicals in the arteries are like river sand. (free radical) They block blood flow and push the inner wall to the side where the artery bends. As a result, the number of free radicals in these locations is high. Like river sand. So you need to know now what these free passages are, right?

In the middle of this picture is a free passage. He's always trying to save an electron from somewhere. Because he has an electron deficiency. Now these free fragments that go to the wall of the artery bend and eat it to save the electrons between the cells in that artery wall. Once rescued, the free radical is released. Now no one bothers him. But now more free radicals are launching into that artery wall. So this place is becoming unstable right now. The brain recognizes this because the wall can now be damaged to the point of perforation. Now the liver produces lipoproteins called LDL / VLDL as a safe way to do this. These come in and start applying plaster to the areas where those free fragments were attacked. It does that inside the injured artery wall. This LDL / VLDL is stored just below the first cell layer. As a result, the artery stops hurting. But more and more free-range attacks are being launched. Because of this we have to produce more LDL / VLDL. This type of plaque is caused by the accumulation of excess cholesterol. This plaque is a problem for us.

We can find out this condition by testing a blood sample. So when the doctor finds out we have high cholesterol, he gives us a cholesterol-lowering statin. So we start now thinking that we will drink these for the rest of our lives. Western medicine acknowledges that this condition cannot be cured and uses these drugs to manage it.

This method is an aloe vera method. Holistic medicine, which belongs to our Hela Veda or Ayurveda, is different. Holistic medicine seeks to determine the cause of this condition. We talked about the reason we knew. What needs to be done now is to eliminate the cause. The reason is the free fragments. That means electron thieves. Are we going to catch them now or give the thief what he is looking for and send him away? Surprisingly, nature has stored the things they need in the trees. All we have to do is eat them. Then the need for those free fragments is met and exits. Nature is wonderful, isn't it?

These foods do donate electrons. We call these foods antioxidants. Antioxidants are those that stop oxidation. Those free radicals caused oxidation. So right. All we have to do now is find foods that contain antioxidants. In this post you will see one called ORAC value. This is how we measure the amount of antioxidants. We need about 20,000 units of these a day. We find out about this value in some common foods.

Look at this table. First of all there is some food in Sri Lanka. Below is the amount of antioxidants in 100 grams.
Cloves 320000
Dry Cinnamon 280000
Dry Moringa Green Powder 157000
Cocoa Powder 85000
3000 in a green tea,
2700 in a black tea, 1700 in a
cup of kidney bean

This said a few. So let's see what 20,000 means. If we could get these 20,000 with our daily diet, cholesterol bypass would not need any of this. Find out how many teaspoons you need per day. Eat a cup of Kidney Bean two days a week. Make drumstick leaf sambol and eat it. Take the powder and eat it with honey. Drink two to three cups of green tea. See what happens to cholesterol.

Now let's look at another natural antioxidant. That is glutathione. Glutathione is a hormone produced by our body. It acts as a natural antioxidant in our body. This hormone can supply the required electrons to the free radicals inside our body cells. That is very important. Our body cells release free radicals during the respiratory process. Remember there used to be a drug called hydrogen peroxide applied to wounds. It hurts a lot when I put this on. Have you ever seen foam coming out like that? This is where peroxide builds up naturally in our body cells. This is the subject of peroxide. This is a naturally occurring free radical species. So now we have to give these people the electrons they need. These electrons can be given to a hormone called glutathione. Our body cell receives about 10,000 free radicals a day. So glutathione is what prevents this. What gluten does is transfer its electrons to those free fragments. In this way our cells are constantly protected by this hormone. That's great, isn't it?
What happens when he finishes giving his free electrons to the free radicals? So now this hormone is inactivated. But when we add one mineral to our diet, this inactive hormone is reactivated. Start working again. What is this mineral? That is selenium. We need to eat foods that contain selenium regularly. Then we have to constantly provide cell protection.

There are several nutrients that we need to take regularly to produce glutathione. Let's look at that too.
Vitamin B 6
Vitamin B 12
Folic Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid

Feel that you have 'Run out of gas' emotionally? Those who are waiting to meet the baby are told to buy these, right? This is because the loss of this hormone damages the cells. This can damage even the DNA inside the cells. This is how the root cause of cancer begins. Let's talk about it separately.